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NOTICE: Auction Browser has been acquired by Beyond Solutions, Inc. We will continue to support existing users and provide additional improvements and enhancements to this product.

Current Users: There has been a new Version 1.802 update released on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, 2000. Click on the Check for Update selection in the Help menu of the Auction Browser to see if this applies to you.

The Auction Browser is a full featured web browser with powerful built-in tools to help when you are using eBay(TM). The built-in Auction Tracking will automatically update the latest item bid prices, bidder info, show you when auctions end, how much time is left, synchronize your time, and notify you when auctions that you are interested in are closing. You just need any version of Internet Explorer (IE) that is or was released after Version 4.01 (SP1). It, needs to be on the system but it doesn't have to be your default browser.To find out your browser go to this page

eBay(TM) is the #1 place on the Internet for buying and selling of new and used items from others, perfect place to find mothers day gifts. The problem is that there are millions of items on for auction every day and a regular browser doesn't provide enough help with auctions starting and ending at all times of the day.

3 Main Components

Auction Browser
This is a full featured web browser that is based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) technology. It has extended features to make it easy to add items to the Auction Tracking Window (described below). It uses and adds to your Favorites that you already use in Internet Explorer.
Click to see Auction Browser screen shot.Auction Browser Screen Shot

You can easily add an item for Auction Tracking with a single button click in the Auction Browser. The Auction Tracking takes care of the rest.

Auction Tracking
Keeps track of items you are interested in the Auction Tracking Window. Items are sorted and color coded to help you know when auctions are ending. You can just click on the item in the list to bring up the item's page up in a browser window.

The Auction Tracking Window will automatically update bid prices for you at set preset intervals and at any time, with a single click, you can quickly find the very latest auction bid price information.

Click to see Auction Tracking Window

It will automatically update the latest item bid prices, bidder info, show you when auctions end, how much time is left, and automatically convert time zone differences.

The Auction Tracking Window's alarms can warn you that an auction will soon close. It can also synchronize your system's clock so you're not late for an auction.

You also can copy information from the Auction Tracking and Archive windows to other applications such as Microsoft Word & Excel.

Auction Archive
The Auction Archive allows you to have a database of items whose auctions have ended. You can keep the sales status and notes for each of completed auction items that you have bought and sold.

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